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legacy. thank you >> thank you. moving on >> we request china 13 caffeine and making the ports conference for the support staff. >> i'm sorry commissioner adams your recusing yourself from this. and you should make the motion to recuse >> i move that we recuse commissioner all these. >> now we go back to actually is there any public comment 1, 2, 3, 4. we go back to approve the commissioner to attend the china conference. >> so not. >> second. >> all in favor? resolution 1302 has passed. moving on >> item 10 a presentation on real estate and maritime revenues for the first quarter of 2012 and 13. >> good afternoon, commissioners aim nate with the real estate division i'm here with my colleagues to present the revenue that came 2012 and 13. without getting into all the details we'll just talking about some of the highlights. our vacancy rate is incredible low compared to our history as the market as a whole and it's due to the supply and demand side. the demand suicides has come up from the economy improving. and some tenants have been displaced who have taken up other p
that is a major game changer. the third major trend is china, the china story is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. not only that, the money is coming out of china rather than investing in u.s. treasury, it's chasing for the acquisitions of sf and equity stakes and various companies to earn higher returns and also gain larger market share. now, the fourth trend, of course, is the huge asian plus china kind of trade block. it's one of the largest in the world by population size. but it's also growing much faster compared with other markets. so all these four different trends trarns late for positive earning he in the region. >> where are the map opportunities, then, if you're looking from an investment angle? where would you see the sectors you get most of this transaction? >> right. right. so you would look at the region. what's happening is the rise of the middle class. in china, of course, at the country is changing from an export dependent economy to an economy of more balance towards internal consumption, i.e., underpinned by the rising middle class. and the same story you were sayi
for general motors. european auto sales dragged down overall gm profits in 2012, while china, north america and south america all delivered returns. in the fourth quarter, overall gm profits were up 89% from 2011. looking ahead, the company says it has taken significant action to put itself on a path for growth in 2013. however, ahead of the release of new models of pickup trucks, analysts are concerned gm may be forced to cut production, due to a backup of its current inventory. a "spirited" trade in the beverage industry is sending traders on a wild ride. the justice department was blocking the merger of budweiser and corona. to get the deal done, anheuser bush in bev, which owns bud, is agreeing to sell grupo modelo's brewery in mexico to wine and spirits maker constellation brands. constellation spiked above $43 yesterday on the news as traders who were shorting the stock are forced to buy it into options expiration today. "well, as of mid-day yesterday, we saw 40 million shares of constellation being traded. the average day only has about 5 million shares of volume." scott bauer of tr
the world? tax officials from australia, britain, and china analyze complex schemes to reduce company tax burdens. this one leaves from england to australia, taking advantage of tax havens along the way. the authority of tax officials often ends at the border. investigators request information from authorities and other countries, but it is often not enough. >> when you start looking at very complex affairs, then a simple letter is rarely sufficient to fully explore the issues. by working together, we are able to understand the cultural differences that exist between our different countries. >> in britain, u.s. coffeehouse starbucks sparked outrage when it was revealed the company paid very little tax in the u.k. its trick was to pay high licensing fees to reduce its corporate tax rate. activists say starbucks is no exception. >> there's a lot of online-based companies like amazon, google, facebook, that are avoiding tax, which is outrageous. >> apple, for example, has seen overseas earnings surged in recent years, but at the same time, the company has managed to reduce its foreign tax bu
of $27. you have 29 here. either way a big loss for gold. over in china, holiday, lunar new year. china is a big market. they have been taking a break for the lunar new year. the experts anticipate once the week gets back to normal and get back to the marketplace you may see gold turn around. here is some of the gold stocks, gold related stocks. you see losses of two, 3%. another thing we should factor in what a strong dollar we had recently, particularly yesterday when we got the news about the losing economies of germany, italy and france. that too. strong dollar will pressure gold. back to you. ashley: good point. thank you, nicole. thank you so much. we'll be back in 15 minutes. tracy: coming up, have stocks hit their ceiling for 2013 or is there more room to go? s&p capitalism q chief strategist, sam stovall, will weigh in on that next. ashley: let's look at the good ol' u.s. dollar. euro is against the dollar. the pound up. it's a mixed picture. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what
he mouths his words like a fish careful not to mention china to us who are now fartherless and motherless in this new country. he does not know we created our own miracle that transformed the stale, hard crust into wrich crackling pork skinning. the soup and broth. our lips smack in satisfaction of this, our only taste of home. >> this piece is on angel island. the angel island immigration station where chinese and otherim grants were detained and interrogated from 1910 to 1940 before they were allowed into america. many adopted false identities in order to escape this strict act. our morning strolls to mountain lake park my wife of 50 years stays a step behind. she needs my arm for balance but avoids my touch. she counts the 10 sign posts. 5 stop signs and 2 mailboxes to our destination. she moves her lips as if remembering. before i came here, i had a name. 4 palm trees faced us when we landed loomed like guardians to pass the golden gate we tell them what they wanted to hear. on this island of desperate dreams we shed our skins and wore new once. we burned our parents n
in africa because we're competing with china and china has earned money and they are investing in natural resources so we buy more weapons to put more troops but now they say we have a victory so we will move to the far east and into africa as well. it will backfire because weeca will go bankrupt these will have to stop this is not the way to win friends or influence people by dropping drone missiles. john: we have an audience to has questions but i realize i mentioned these young congressmen i've left out and paul -- rand paul is seeill as libertarian as you? gimmicky is the most libertarian in the senate. that is good. he has been exposed to the good ideas but i will not do the comparison with. >> how are you tonight? one what did you learn running for president?i >> have enough people double check and count the votes to make sure you get a fair shake. but liberty is alive and well and i love the fact young people will respond to a libertarian message and self-reliance and a responsibility and sound money and the young people were especially excited to have a different form policy to no
'd give you is in both india and china, seen van shoes on people long before we went into those markets with the products. that tells you there's something there if you find a way to get at it in a way that's good for the brand and shareholders. liz: asia business up 11%, chinese brand up 23%. that seems to reflect what you have seen. a lot of your names such as timberland and, of course, we've got northface here on the desk. i look at these brands and say, wow, this is big in europe. i remember a year ago this was a problem in europe. europe was certainly weaker when it came to northface. how's it look now? >> well, in fact, you know, europe had a good winter, and the northface is helped by good weather and during the fourth quarter, unlike the u.s. market with warmer winter than we'd like this year, europe had a good cold, wet winter, and the northface brand picked up in the fourth quarter. one of the reasons the stock has done well today is people were anxious about what we would have to say about the northface, and how it did in the fourth quarter, and we're pleased to have said it
. >> entra por antartida después sobre indonesia después china viene del punto más al sur al más norte con aproximacion mínima en indonesia su paseo dará buena oportunidad de ver estas piedras pero solo con telescopios . >> todos interesan porque es la materia prima que formo los planetas también son los que trajeron la molecula de agua para que se de la vida . >> en 1908 una roca así impacto en rusia y causo daños pero no fue amenaza para la civilizacion . >> será mejor visto en asia, australia donde será de noche . >> en estados unidos pasara de día, a las 2 del este nasa dará las imágenes de australia . >> si no coopera el clima esperar 40 años . >> sino gracias por todos buenas noches . >> gracias . >> empleado en massachusetts se defiende de ladrones . >> familia de brooklyn en nueva york es ejemplo de superacion . >> el padre de adolescente celebra con lagrimas porque recibió nueva oportunidad de . >> [música] . >> el dependiente de tienda en massachusetts es experto por evitar robos, hombre le quiso robar y saco espada, el con cuchillo le dio un puñetazo . >> autob
that he is going to try to live up to his father's policies, rather than any kind of compromise. china not indicating yet whether -- we don't have many options if china doesn't join in terms of tougher sanctions. now from what we know at least, this was a much larger blast, and they claim we can't prove it. they claim it was a smaller device. it could mean they've made real progress on miniatureization of a warhead. >> this is very worrisome from a number of perspectives. it's certainly a provocation. i think many believe it's meant to consolidate this new young leader's power inside north korea. it puts owes a very negative trajectory. i think it's imperative that the international community does have a strong response. as you said, china is critical. china holds a lot of the cards with regard to shaping north korea's behavior and their response. >> we sent up aircraft with sensors to try to determine whether this was a uranium-fueled blast or plutonium. plutonium is the old way. uranium would be more worrying because it would increase the likelihood that they would be proliferate and
it's global marketes, for example, the china index, the fxi, which is another e.t.f., is down about .6% this year with the s & p 500 up somewhere around 6% or 7%, and the morgan stanley world index up about 5.5%. so these have lagged recently, and with the end of the chinese lunar new year, this weekend, the chinese market is going to reopen next week. and we're likely to see some reaction to the better economic statistics that have been coming out during this lunar period. >> tom: you mentioned fxi, that was one of your picks back in janet last time we had you on this program july 27, up better than 18%. now performance there. in the meantime you also lukd the technology exchange traded fundsupby which supby about 2%. would you put any new money to work or take any money off the table with these? >> well, we are adding to the fxi, the china index. and, clearly, with the kind of growth we're likely to see tepid growth in the u.s., until some of the headwinds we face abate. technology is an area where potentially there is significant growth in excess of the g.d.p. we're going to see.
that the intelligence community now believes the u.s. is a target of a major cyber espionage campaign, with china as its most aggressive perpetrator, seeking to steal data for economic gain. to counter these efforts, president obama announced a new initiative. >> i signed a new executive order that will strengthen our cyber defenses by increasing information sharing and developing standards to protect our national security, our jobs, and our privacy. >> suarez: the national cyber- security and communications integration center is in northern virginia. it's the department of homeland security's premiere cyber-space monitoring facility. this command center receives information from companies like at&t and verizon, and watches over the government's information networks. lawrence zelvin, the center's director, says the president's order will make it easier to combat cyber threats. >> the attacks should be measured in seconds, not days. the attacks are ever present and ongoing, and as i said, there's a variety of motivations-- criminal, nation-state, malicious, humorous. the attacks are happening in seconds.
will continue in northern japan after 40 centimeters of snow is likely. much of china will stay dry even rain showers in the south will be dissipating by this afternoon. thunder showers and mostly dry. a high of 35 degrees here. 32 in around north america, rain is continuing in the florida peninsula. rain will continue for the next couple of days. the eastern half of the great lakes region low pressure affect southern quebec as well as new england states. out towards the west another area of snow is affecting the central rockies including denver. the main story will be a significant cooldown. for example in chicago you saw 4 degrees during the daytime hours on your thursday. cooling down to minus 3 on your friday and below zero on your saturday as well. even miami very hot on friday but going down about ten degreeses on sunday. social security quite frigid for this location. heavy snow and windy conditions but a mixture of rain and snow in western continent tapering off throughout the day. down towards the south a series of low pressure system is moving across the east over the mediterranean
for large publicly owned sites. to work on the urban design guidelines and to work on china town, open space planning. to work on some street scape work in the hunter's shipyard area to focus on market street and in a position. and i have been working on this for a while and this budget allows us to do that. in the final planning we are looking at roughly two new positions, one would basically continue to work on puc projects but essentially it is a shift from the current position that is a puc position working in the department to a department employee who works on puc projects and funded by the puc and second a transportation planner that took not just on sequa but on longer range policy issues. >> and we are proposing two and a half positions next year bumping up to three in the following year for an it program, or to help on communications and the training and professional development coordinator. so those are the kind of major changes if you will. if you recall, the supplemental budget that you approved allows for ten new positions that will, or being introduced to the board next week,
and broad way and china town, i am curious because it is a chunk money to do environmental justice work on. >> i think that is a place holder at this point anticipating that we will get something, but i don't know that we actually have the projects identified yet. >> okay. >> projects have to be within their guidelines. it is a place holder because we had good luck getting grants from this pot of money, so we have thrown it in there. >> okay. >> that is what she was saying. >> commissioner sugaya? >> yes. did the hvc throw out a number for you guys on the 05? or did they just... >> they did not, no. they just asked us to increase it. >> okay. >> all right. >> i had one other thing. never... >> to support commissioner moore, this is a two-year cycle. but each year we have to do another two years. >> that is right. >> if we find ourselves behind the eight ball on the commission side, and in the secretary whoever gets higher and does the staff that are there, under this particular scenario find themselves inundated with the kind of things that they would have to respond to either in the commi
political leaders and we can argue to get our fair share of federal fund and the trade in china we learned is exceeding the united states so the west coast ports are going to be more and more important. we've got to carry the message to our political leaders >> so i did take notes on the items you asked for commissioner. do we have any new business >> any new business or public comments. francisco i know you listed yourself for other comments >> the reason i came here for public comments and because of my past history i have to comment. so one of the things missing in this presentation and or issues. some of the toongz have been removed. you should revisit to find out what that can do. and on port proprieties when had pollution in our base and we have to understand those things. we can talk about pier, however, we want to. we know there are some ammonia places. we have to look at it in this way we know that one time for over 10 thousand years the people kept this area press tin and somebody came in over here and polluted this area. we need to pay attention to environmental issues. so ou
and china, there's an awful lot of people being born every day. there is room here. i think people will drift in this direction. the island is not prejudiced. in fact, i think they could not care less as long as people come in. that is what you need. >> his idea is simple -- anyone who does not want to work with sheep can collect seaweed instead. it is widely used in the cosmetics industry. he says the tourist industry could be expanded. the mayor has already brought one new family to the island, but they are scottish. both adults are employed by the local council. the mother works as a home care for the elderly while the father repairs to roads unloading supplies from ships and also works as a fireman. the family rents one of two new houses recently built by the council. >> the house you live in previously was bigger than this one? this one was a chance of a detached house. we are quite happy with it. it suits us, actually. >> most people who are interested in living here would like to buy a property, preferably one of the old forms here. the problem is that no one is selling. >>
in china. did you bite it. what's gotten into you no one's asking if you know where your children are. no one's asking if you can locate the nearest exits. in some cases they may be behind you. no one cares whether or not you are being followed. don't ask if it makes you look fat. the question is not, do you remember the time. do you remember the time? not, do you know the extension of the person you were calling. not, premium or regular. not paper, not plastic credit or deb debit. the question is not what can you do for your country. not now. not later. not okay? the question is not, what your country can do for you. the question is not, who will save us. how are you getting by? [applause] >> i'll end with a love poem. >> my lover. who lives far. my lover who lives far away opens the door to my room and offers supper. in a bowl made of his breath. the stew has boiled and i wonder at the cat born from it's steam. the cat is in the bedroom now. muling. the cat is indecent and i whom trying to be tidy, i whom trying to do things the purpose way, i who am sick from the shedding. i, am
. >>> nasa ames is under investigation accused of sharing technology with china and other country. the fbi has been investigating nasa ames for the past four years. the congressmen say the u.s. attorney's office in northern california wants to bring criminal charges but has been blocked by the justice department. the u.s. attorney's office denies that claim. >>> we have new video from a courtroom in south africa. in one fatal night olympian oscar pistorius went from local superstar and international hero to standing trial for premeditated murder. during his very first hearing while these charges are being read he breaks down in tears. michelle kosinski witnessed it all in the courtroom. >> reporter: olympian oscar pistorius, accustomed to the cheer of victory, keeps his head down, now shielding his face from cameras to and from court. today the world press gathered him around while he's charged with the murder of his girlfriend shot three times in the head and body in pistorius's upscale well-secured home around 4:00 a.m. thursday. at 30, a cover girl, law school grad, soon to be reality s
will develop out of china, bringing rainfall and eventually work its way off there towards japan by early next week. to the tropics. relatively quiet. temperatures in the 30s. going into sunday and monday watch out in the southern philippines, does look like a low pressure area will work its way in and bring heavy rainfall and chance of flooding in the valleys. over towards the americas we're watching high pressure really dominating much of the central portion of the country. the jet stream continuing to dip down. the base of the jet stream bringing rainfall around orlando, miami, both of these airports are calling for some low cloud cover accompanied by showers in the vicinity. very well could see some airport delays if you plan to fly in or out of here. the system will be doing something else. as the jet stream continues to dip down it will pick up and pull it off towards the northwest on saturday going sunday. sunday evening notifying the canadian maritimes. this looks like a similar track we saw a week ago but not because it will be remaining just offshow, lere. all that cold air coming in
's on me. >> i have your fox news minute. north korea has reportedly told china that it is ready to stage more nuclear tests this year. that is according to reuters. north korea has conducted its third nuclear test on tuesday. iran turned to china in an effort to find parts to speed up its effort. a new u.s. report shows iran try to smuggle thousands of specialized maintenance through china. it banned from doing so under united nations sanctions. the track star accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend has been accused of murder. he shot his model girlfriend four times through a bathroom door at his home. he will remain in custody until a bail hearing on tuesday. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. back to connell. connell: manufacturing and a manufacturing renaissance. plant closings are still far more frequent than plant openings. jeff flock is in illinois today. jeff: the old harbor of coleman factory here and rockford, this was 65 acres. i just want to put some perspective on this for you. this is one that has been closed now for several years. i tell you, it i
valley. jobs moving to china are coming back to the u.s.. abc 7 news is live in milpitas with more on reshoring and opportunities it's creating right now. >> if you remember the movie "field of dreams" you remember the line if you build it they will come. this is what they have done to help silicon valley companies as they bring manufacturing back to the u.s.. >> with 200,000 employerees flex tronics started detecting customers wanted to bring production back to the u.s. so just inveftd $12 million and plans to spend more to be ready when off shoring becomes reshoring. a key reason is wage rates whachl you've seen in the united states is that you've not seen much movement in wages at all over the last four, five years. what it's doing is that labor is starting to dissipate. >> this product line will allow silicon valley companies to take concepts from research and development labs andq'x turn them into prototypes kus using latest 3 d printing technology. >> we're going to have more jobs with new customers coming in. >> this must make you feel proud. >> definitely proud. >> flex tro
. watch out, china. of course the president opposes fracking, but the impact on businesses dramatic. lower wages, fuelling the renaissance. our labor backed president does not go for that either. take a look at the states that have seen the biggest creation of manufacturing jobs. it is interesting because a lot of these states are not friendly to government's interference, like taxes. there is also a right to work state, indiana. tennessee, south carolina, washington, places where government has succeeded by standing of the weight. that is the path we should follow. prepared to be dazzled as we go behind the scenes of new york's fashion week with designers. and does it feel like you will never retire? some people think rich people are better off, but a new survey has surprising details. ♪ today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? we wanna be our bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cle
an overnight hit in china. >>> a lot of sunshine. it would be really nice. are we by golden gate field? yes, we are. big weekend at the el camino for the preparation of the kentucky derby. >>> there's controversy surrounding a decision made by the pope in one of his final appointments as the leader of the catholic church. he gave the approval for erns van fryburg to become the new head but an investigation shows he's the chairman of a ship builder helping to create warships for the navy. and that's creating controversy. >>> south korea says it has not detected any radioactive elements from north korea's nuclear test early this week. in the meantime, in north korea, people are celebrating the success of the country's third nuclear test. china and japan are collecting air samples in order to determine whether the north koreans used uranium and pleau tonial. if uranium is detected, that would indicate the nuclear program is at an advanced stage. >>> 8:14. republicans blocked a vote to confirm secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel. as kye ba campbell reports -- kye ba campbell reports -- kyla ca
. a recent analysis shows china has announced surpassed. the united states is the world's largest trading nation. furthermore, the risk of international currency war at least appears to me is rising which could push the u.s. back into a recession or worse. statements by the u.s. political leaders and international conferences on the policy are not enough to be without a clear policy and a coherent strategy to advanced policy, the international monetary system will continue to be addressed. our future economic competitiveness depends upon the united states leading efforts to establish a fair, stable and transparent financial and currency system based on market principles. i look forward to hearing your views about these important matters before the treasury and the plan of action if you are to be confirmed in addition i understand you've worked as a managing director and chief operating officer in the two units of citigroup but it is unclear what you're exact role and responsibilities were. it makes legal and financial activities we know little about your knowledge of the activities and pr
following him, but sort of the capitol hill folks getting to know ted cruz. he is sort of a bull in a china shop here. >> i wrote, if i may quote myself, that he was not going to win senator congeniality, any awards, including from his republican colleagues, but i don't think he cares. he has the traditional way to come into the senate is a little low-key, keep your head down. this is not the cruz way. he is not on cruise control. >> you covered the senate a long time before you started writing a column. the same stuff being written about ted cruz, wasn't it written about rick santorum in the 1995? >> yeah, that's a good analogy. >> and look where it got him. >> it depends on what your goal is. if your goal is to get something done in the senate, it may not be the best way to achieve that goal. if your goal is to push your agenda and perhaps coincidentally or not, push yourself, it might be pretty effective. >> what do you make of cruz? what's interesting to me is all the senators that are, on one hand, they whisper that they don't like how aggressive this guy is being, including republican
about was, you know, trying to buy magnets for the nuclear sites from china. obviously, they need the cash. they are out there trying to use it. how successful are they in doing things like that? >> well, i mean, the chinese purchase, which if it, in fact, happened, it disconcerning showing how important china is -- melissa: do you think it didn't happen? >> no, i suspect it did. i mean, i have not seen confirmation 100% they got all the magnets, but i suspect they got the magnets. we know that they certainly have said they want to significantly increase their centerfuge production, an and they need foreign suppliers to get it done. melissa: are they hurting for cash? >> no doubt about it. they hurt for cash. they need hard currency reserves to keep their own currency from collapsing. we've seen significant declines in the currency. they are hurting. the issue is are they hurting enough to detour them from completing the nuclear program, and that -- that's, i think, a more difficult question to answer. melissa: as we said in the introduction, you have a lot of experience in iran a
to compete with china. they are investing in natural resources. of they put more troops in africa but we have troops in iraq and afghanistan it will backfire because we will go bankrupt the that is not the way to influence people. >> we have a large of a young audience who has questions i left out somebody named ray and paul is see as a libertarian as you? >> he is the most libertarian in the senate to. and has been exposed to all the good ideas but i will not do a comparison. >> how are you doing tonight? my question is what did you learn running for president? >> you should have enough people double checking the of votes to get a fair shake. liberty is alive and well and i just love the fact young people will respond to a libertarian message response, responsibility, so und money to have a different form policy not looking for wars to fight. i learned the country is a lot better off than it was. but it did turn out i met a significant number. >> i have a question. we have four more years of obama and christine his record what will it take for obama supporters to protest like when the last r
every day. mandia founder kevin mandia says more than 90% of the attacks he sees come from china and are nearly impossible to stop. >> we've gone from a "we must prevent every attack from occurring" to more the mindset are, "these attacks are inevitable but let's make sure we keep the attackers from our crown jewels." >> reporter: you're saying we shouldn't spend all that much time trying to prevent everything because it can't be done. >> right now, you can't do it. >> reporter: mandia says cyber defenses can be improved if companies share more information about the break-ins. >> everybody needs to get smarter from each breach, almost like a neighborhood watch. >> reporter: but companies want some legal protections before sharing information. they're worried revealing details of attacks could weaken them with competitors and expose them to investor lawsuits. cyber spies have already stolen hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate secrets, everything from plans for military hardware to paint formulas. but mandia warns hackers could do even greater damage. some people have sugg
and uncertainty, as well. so there are still things that china has of landing. it's definitely a soft landing and the brics generally are doing well. >> would you say people that want to exit the union are kind of similar to -- >> when you say exit the union, you have to be very careful whether you're talking about the uk and scotland or -- >> no. i'm talking about the european union. are they protected -- you might be looking at this big picture long-term you want to be there because -- >> i want to be there because it's 450 million people. >> that's what i mean. it's like free trade. >> gdp. >> but then i look at the hard working people in the uk which have already been -- you know, they've had to deal with austerity and you look at some of the southern european -- they still live high off the hog. >> that's the point, joe, is that by the time we get to the referendum, western europe will have started to recover. >> southern europe, even? >> southern europe. they're structural and about competitiveness, but there are things that were cyclical. it was interesting. if you listen to the people
new york times," vows of change in china belie private warning, richard haass. >> the new leader of china, and what he's essentially saying is we're not going to go the way of the old soviet union. i'm not going to be gorbachev. all you people pressuring us to open up to reform, we're not going to go down that path. chinese leaders wake up every morning. they worry about internal disarray. they look at the size of their country. 1.3 billion people. the dialects, the ethnic range and so forth. and they say, we have got to keep a lid on. that's why you need a communist party. they don't take their country's future for granted. and it's just to me a warning. we in the united states are obviously pushing them. we're not going to get what we want in terms of internal change. this is just the reality of china. it's an important educational piece about how chinese see their own country. >> check that out. we'll get to the headlines now, joe. elizabeth warren, i don't know if you saw this. i've got the longer version of it now. she seemed to settle in quite comfortably during her debut y
in china and something in the state's is equalizing. wages are going up by 25% in china and the cost of transportation is increasing so it makes more sense for companies to sell in the united states to make it in the united states. there is one simple first step to supporting american manufacturing and that is making sure that when the federal government buys things, it buys them from american companies. the federal government cannot preach to the private sector if we are not making things in the united states and when we buy things for the military, we are increasingly buying those things and the parts of those things from out of state companies. in the house of representatives, i created the buy america caucus and i am working on similar issues in the united states senate to say that the billions of dollars that the federal government sends overseas to buy things, 70% is for the military, if we simply tighten up laws that required to you to buy those things united states, we think you could create 600,000 new manufacturing jobs. i certainly want better trade policies. i want more s
of questions we need to fix from china to do the right thing. this gives us information on what's going to happen in the future. they have said that over the next ten years would double the cost so you have a 100% increase on 3 trillion in these programs over the next ten years. during that time other entitlements are going to go up 39% and the spending only 10% so it is very clear it's not the biggest part of the problem now, it is the fastest-growing part of the problem and it's an incredibly important program but they are not sustainable in the current form. by the way the other thing that is causing a problem in the deficit is the interest payment and they've told us that in the next ten years or interest payment is going to go up 284%. the bulk relates to the increase in spending on the entitlement side, which encourages us to borrow more so the question is the obvious one are you willing to take this on and the president has talked about a lot. he has even said and like what he refuses to pass this problem on to another generation of americans. but so far that is what the administ
in the first six months of last year was a slowdown in gdp of china. predom atlanta flaipt because of the slowdown in europe and we saw that taking place with i guess taxes coming out of india. that starts to change and we had a record increase in the fourth quarter of last year. overall, the demand was down about 4%. the gdps for india and china are rising again, so i think that's a more bullish statement. >> okay. we'll leave it there. thank you. >>> we've got the man barens named the top bond manager of the year and here's a twist. he actually looks some stocks right now. plus, the little blue box takes on the big box retailer. tiffany assuming costco over some of its jewelry sales. we'll have the details coming up. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes pos
of the countries third nuclear tests. china and japan are collecting air samples in order to determine whether the north koreans used uranium or platinum. if uranium is connected that -- detected that could mean they are at an advanced stage. >>> chuck hagel will have to wait ten more days to find out if he is secretary of defense. as kyla campbell reports a filibuster led by republicans is causing the delay. kay -- kyla. >> reporter: only four republicans supported their former gop colleague. they want more information on hagels finances and the speeches he's given in recent years. they also want more details on how president obama responded to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya this past september. so a vote won't happen until congress returns from recess the week of february 25th. that means out going secretary of defense leon panetta's retirement has been delayed. he has to head to the pentagon for another ten days. he seems to be taking it in stride. >> the second best valentines present would be to allow civil i have and i to get the hell out of town. [ laughter ]
an orchestrated campaign against him with billboards and threatening e-mails. >> go back to china. we love america. >> reporter: senator yee wrote his bill after he watched a kpix 5 report showing how the bullet button allows the quick replacement of a clip on an ar- 15 type rifle even though under california law detachable magazines in combination with other features are illegal. he says the earlier threats were also taken seriously but none as specific and scary as this one. >> not only for myself but for my staff and for my family because you don't know where it's going to come from and who knows who is standing next to you who may stand accidentally in front of you and take the bullet so it's frightening. >> reporter: as for his gun control bill, it has gained moment in the aftermath of the abrejct movie of the aurora shooting and newtown. >> i think what's sad is how so many individuals think they can solve problems by just simply killing individuals that you would think that that kind of mentality doesn't happen anymore in a civilized society like our
see positive effects of our lower energy priceprices. >> and wages are going up in china. it not so cheap. that's great if it's done through market forces. obama wants to penalize you if you're offshore and reward you if you're home. >> i don't disagree. let's not sit here and pretend like government policy isn't always about picking winners and losers. it's just are you picking the winners of the republicans side -- >> it's all wrong. it's all crony capitalism and i can't stand it. it's not free market capitalism. it's crony capitalism. it's political donations capitalism. that stuff infuriates me. the tax code should be low rates and all those deductions and special interest cronyism stuff should be abolished. >> a low-rate neutral tax code, let markets forces determine who the winners and losers are. it's never going to be perfect like that but it needs to be more like that. >> remember how much flak rick santorum caught -- >> from me. >> among others. >> it's a throwback to what they remember from when all the cars were made here. that's not what we're going back to. >> why aren
xpress by charles schwab. he can talk to china, mongolia and all the koreas and he eats velveeta shells and cheese. so who are you calling amateur? liquid gold. eat like that guy you know. >>> in about an hour the president is expected to speak at a chicago high school and call for stricter gun control laws. as we've mentioned, thousands of families in chicago have been affected by violence, including the family of nancy bishop lankert. nancy was pregnant at the time the killer was 16, is now serving a life sentence. he had a history of mental illness. since he was too young to get a gun, officials say he stole the weapon used in the shooting. since the murder, nancy's sister, jennifer, has been a staunch gun control advocate. she was among hundreds in washington this week urging congress to pass stricter gun control laws. thank you so much for joining us. we're so absolutely sorry for the loss of your sister and your brother-in-law and of course their baby. what do you want to hear from the president today, jennifer? >> i want to hear him keep saying the this evenings hengs saying about the impor
from china in particular over the last five to ten years, and then the other side is investment demand, and that has come up dramatically over the last ten years, and it tends to be much more quick in moving in and out of the story. >> you know, we have this currency war that nobody likes to talk about, especially federal bankers around the world, but yet there is this rush to the bottton. now you would think that that would be bullish for gold, but it's happening precisely at the time when the price of gold has been moving lower. again, i ask. is gold necessarily an inflation hedge these days, or is it always about consumer demand? >> i think it is an inflation hedge and absolutely. the currency war is very interesting because it depends on which currency winning at the time, frankly. >> right. gold is priced in u.s. dollars, so right now the u.s. dollar is seeing strength against the yen and the euro so we're having a positive -- sorry, a positive impact on the dollar and negative on gold. that has turned and can turn around very quickly, but, again, it's your long-term viewer, wheth
and fast growing economies like china slammed on the brakes with higher interest rates. you got obliterated. how about in if you owned too many banks right before the financial crisis hit? i know a lot of people who did, by the way, because they had such good yields. too many tech stocks going into the dotcom bust. where the ruination occurred, something that soured an entire generation of people on investing. spread your money across stocks in unrelated sectors so when something happens that makes one of them go down hard the rest remain relativery unscathed. sometimes they can even go high per that's your basic diversification. and it is mandatory in cramerica. but you know what? if you're going to be prepared for anything it's not enough to make sure your stocks don't overlap. you need a portfolio that works in all kinds of markets. tonight i want to explain and refine what i like to call the new diversification. how to protect your wealth and ensure you own something that works in an increasingly chaotic, difficult, unforgiving, nauseating, miserable market. where diversifying by sector
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